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Network Services

Serving the Washington, D.C., Maryland, Virginia, California, Texas, Pennsylvania, New York, Illinois, Florida and Georgia areas.

With network infrastructure maintenance and support services from Veritas Technology Services, LLC, you’ll have all the system support you need. As your partner, we’re committed to helping your business succeed for many years to come with superior customer service and team experts you can truly rely on for support.

Network Infrastructure Maintenance:

Ensure the long-term health of your businesses network through server configuration, preventive server maintenance, workstation and network maintenance, and other routine maintenance.

  • Addresses network issues before they become a problem and affect your daily business operations.
  • Helps reduce network problems, stop emergency situations from arising, and prevent unnecessary downtime to company networks, which ultimately saves you time and money.

Gigabit Passive Optical Network Design and Installation:

  • Network installation
  • Cable repair and installation
  • Hardware configuration and support

VoIP Support:

  • VoIP installation
  • VoIP expansions and address assigning
  • VoIP troubleshooting
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